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Creation Box London Festival

Creation Box london celebrates with their first festival. Dance workshops with Thomas Ashton, Theo TJ Lowe and Rachel Kay, performances from Anna-Lise Marie Dance Company,…


The Maverick Expo of Art & Culture London will be the site for the very first MAVERICK EXPO. What is it? The Maverick Expo is a celebration of Art, Music & Cinema The event…


Harrogate Home and Gift

Katie Leamon, luxury cards and stationery, proudly made in England are busy preparing for their next trade show, Harrogate Home & Gift, where they will…


Make Space Studios is home to over sixty artists, designers and creative businesses working across in painting, illustration, fashion, photography, film, music, sculpture, design and other mediums.

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Feature Artist

Emili Sande by Malcolm Willett

Malcolm Willett

Malcolm is a painter and illustrator living and working in London. His particular interest is painting portraits in oils and the excitement of transforming a blank white canvas into a recognisable personality in minimal strokes. Apart from capturing a likeness, it is important for Willett to be able to see the brushstrokes, the thicker and the fatter the better. He tends to work in the Alla Prima style, translated as “at once”, and try to finish the painting in one three hour session. Most of the time Willett illustrates articles and covers for magazines using a computer.

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Studio Family

Studio 180

Studio 180 is an amazing studio in the heart of Waterloo, a smaller reconditioned house.

Creation Box

Creation Box is is right next to us a nd provides a wonderful environment for dance

Gallery 223

A premiere gallery dedicated to showcasing some of Londons best artists. Positioned off Lower Marsh in the railway arches it is the perfect place to exhibit.