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Harrogate Home and Gift

Katie Leamon, luxury cards and stationery, proudly made in England are busy preparing for their next trade show, Harrogate Home & Gift, where they will…


Photos from Summer 2015

A few great pictures in and round the studios from our open studios 2015 weekend in June. Pictures taken by Hiroko Imada and Storynamics, wonderful…


The Coup Coup Club

Following a sold out run of These Trees are Made of Blood at Southwark Playhouse earlier this year, the Coup Coup Club is heading to…


Make Space Studios is home to over sixty artists, designers and creative businesses working across in painting, illustration, fashion, photography, film, music, sculpture, design and other mediums.

Get stuck in, discover a bit more about us, and make sure to come along to our next Open Studios.

Feature Artist

Myung Nam An Alexander face 1-1

Myung Nam An

Myung Nam An’s incredibly intricate and detailed ceramics are beautiful, bright, colourful, exciting, funky & very desirable. Myung's sculptures tell stories using symbols which are universal. You can interpret these in your own way to tell your own tales, and evoke different moods and emotions. She explores abstract appropriated images from our culture and translates these onto the surface of her sculptures. Each of which are steps in her path toward a personal and unique approach to clay.

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Studio Family

Studio 180

Studio 180 is an amazing studio in the heart of Waterloo, a smaller reconditioned house.

Creation Box

Creation Box is is right next to us a nd provides a wonderful environment for dance

Gallery 223

A premiere gallery dedicated to showcasing some of Londons best artists. Positioned off Lower Marsh in the railway arches it is the perfect place to exhibit.